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Class Descriptions


This class is designed to develop motor skills, coordination and self confidence in a young child. Activities include singing, stretching and creative tap and jazz.


Our ballet classes are designed for stronger dancers with longer attention spans. Emphasis will be on basic ballet position of arms, feet and bodylines. Barre and center floor technique is also emphasized.


In these classes your child will be taught basic arm, feet, and body position of jazz. They will also improve on coordination, muscle strength and flexibility. More advanced classes emphasize turns, leaps and dance combinations.


Hip hop is a street style dance with jazz technique.


A combination of Jazz/Ballet/Modern, music is graceful and flowing. Balance, extension, and control are developed.


Be introduced to the fun and exciting world of tap dancing. Beginning classes learn basic tap steps, which will improve coordination, rhythm and timing. Students eventually progress into fancy footwork such as the buffalo, time steps and syncopated tap combinations.


This class is designed for the young dancer who would like to learn the basic techniques of tap, jazz and ballet.

Competitive Company

Competition level teams are available for all levels and ages, please contact Onstage to get more info! If you are interested in having your child at our competitive level, please let one of our staff know. They will direct you to the appropriate class schedule for your child.