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Looking for a dance studio?

Look no further! We are an experienced dance training facility and a second home for many of our dancers. We staff a positive, knowledgeable faculty, many who have danced professionally. We pride ourselves on a caring, family-styled approach to proper training in technical dance and life skills. We offer instruction for all ages and welcome anyone who wants to have fun and learn to dance in a non-threatening, supportive environment. Welcome to the Onstage Dance family!

Class Schedule: Downey

Start Time
End Time
Recital Show
Monday6:00 pm6:55 pmIntro Ballet7-11Megan1
Monday7:00 pm7:55 pmCreative Movement (Tap & Jazz)3-5Alicia1
Monday7:00 pm7:55 pmLyrical10+Megan1
Monday8:00 pm8:55 pmTap 1.5 *upon teacher recommendation7+Megan1
Tuesday3:30 pm3:55 pmTumble Tots (1/2 hour class - class size is limited)3-5DeniseNR
Tuesday5:00 pm5:55 pmJazz 16-9Casey2
Tuesday6:00 pm6:55 pmCreative Movement (Tap & Jazz)3-5Sam/Brianne2
Tuesday6:00 pm6:55 pmTap 16-9Megan2
Tuesday7:00 pm7:55 pmBaby Hip Hop3-5Chantall2
Tuesday7:00 pm7:55 pmJazz 18-11Sam2
Tuesday7:00 pm7:55 pmIntro Ballet5-9Megan2
Wednesday4:00 pm4:55 pmHip Hop5-8Char2
Wednesday5:00 pm5:55 pmHip Hop9-11Char2
Wednesday6:00 pm6:55 pmHip Hop5-8Chantall2
Wednesday7:00 pm7:55 pmHip Hop12+Chantall2
Thursday7:00 pm7:55 pmCreative Movement (Tap & Jazz)3-5Alicia2
Friday5:00 pm5:55 pmJazz 16-9Jasmine2
Friday5:00 pm5:55 pmBaby Hip Hop3-5Sam1
Friday6:00 pm6:55 pmTumble Tots3-5Jasmine/BrianneNR
Friday6:00 pm6:55 pmTap 16-9Sam2
Friday7:00 pm7:55 pmCreative Movement (Tap & Jazz)3-5Alicia1
Friday7:00 pm7:55 pmTumbling5-9Jasmine/BrianneNR
Friday7:00 pm7:55 pmHip Hop5-8Sam1
Friday7:00 pm7:55 pmIntro Ballet5-9Belinda2
Saturday10:00 am10:55 amJazz 16-9Jasmine1
Saturday11:00 am11:55 amCreative Movement (Tap & Jazz)3-5Alicia1
Saturday11:00 am11:55 amTumbling5-9Jasmine/BrianneNR
Saturday11:00 am11:55 amTap 16-9Megan1
Saturday12:00 am12:55 amTumbling10+Jasmine/BrianneNR
Saturday12:00 am12:55 amIntro Ballet5-9Megan1
Please call to confirm space availability.
Advanced classes and competition classes available for all ages and levels, please call for more information.

Class Schedule: Los Alamitos

Start Time
End Time
Recital Show
Monday4:00 pm5:00 pmJazz 18-11KellyYes
Monday4:00 pm5:00 pmHip Hop5-7CharYes
Monday5:00 pm6:00 pmHip Hop8-11CharYes
Monday6:00 pm7:00 pmHip Hop12+CharYes
Monday7:00 pm8:00 pmBallet Tech 1.511+BelindaNR
Monday8:00 pm9:00 pmBallet 212+BelindaYes
Monday8:00 pm9:00 pmJazz 4 Tech12+KellyNR
Tuesday3:00 pm4:00 pmBallet 15-7BelindaYes
Tuesday5:00 pm6:00 pmLyrical 2-312+KellyYes
Tuesday6:00 pm7:00 pmJazz 3 Tech12+KellyNR
Tuesday6:00 pm7:00 pmContemporary12+DylanYes
Tuesday7:00 pm8:00 pmBallet 3 Tech12+BelindaNR
Tuesday7:00 pm8:00 pmJazz 212+KellyYes
Tuesday7:00 pm8:00 pmStretch & Condition12+DylanNR
Tuesday7:00 pm8:00 pmJr. Song Elite (Teacher approval required)Grades 6-8LeslieYes
Tuesday8:00 pm9:00 pmPointe12+BelindaYes
Tuesday8:00 pm9:00 pmContemporary & Improv12+DylanYes
Tuesday8:00 pm9:00 pmJazz 4 Tech (Opens in September)12+LeslieNR
Wednesday4:00 pm5:00 pmJazz 1.5 Tech8-11KellyNR
Wednesday5:00 pm6:00 pmBallet 1 Tech8-12AshleyNR
Wednesday5:00 pm6:00 pmTurns Tech 210+KellyNR
Wednesday6:00 pm7:00 pmBallet 110+AshleyYes
Wednesday7:00 pm8:00 pmTurns Tech 110+MeganNR
Wednesday8:00 pm9:00 pmBallet 2 Tech10+AshleyNR
Wednesday8:00 pm9:00 pmTeen Tap13+MeganYes
Thursday4:30 pm5:30 pmTumbling 19+DeniseNR
Thursday5:00 pm6:00 pmCreative Movement3-5MeganYes
Thursday5:00 pm6:00 pmJazz 112+WhitneyYes
Thursday6:00 pm7:00 pmJazz 15-7KellyYes
Thursday6:00 pm7:00 pmMini Pom5+WhitneyYes
Thursday6:00 pm7:00 pmJazz Funk12+BrittanyYes
Thursday7:00 pm8:00 pmLyrical 112+MeganYes
Thursday7:00 pm8:00 pmTurns Tech 3-412+KellyNR
Thursday7:00 pm8:00 pmJr. SongGrades 6-8WhitneyYes
Thursday7:00pm8:00pmJazz 2-3 Tech12+BrittanyNR
Thursday8:00pm9:00pmLyrical/Improv 2-3 (Opens in September)12+BrittanyYes
Friday3:00 pm4:00 pmTap5-7MeganYes
Friday3:30 pm4:30 pmTumbling 312+DeniseNR
Friday4:00 pm5:00 pmBallet 15-8ChloeYes
Friday4:00 pm5:00 pmTap8-11MeganYes
Friday4:30 pm5:30 pmTumbling 1.55-8DeniseNR
Friday4:30 pm5:30 pmBoys Hip Hop6+CharYes
Friday5:00 pm6:00 pmBallet 18-11ChloeYes
Friday5:00 pm6:00 pmLyrical/Contemporary 18-11MeganYes
Friday5:30 pm6:30 pmHip Hop10+CharYes
Friday5:30 pm6:30 pmTumbling 2-312+DeniseNR
Friday6:00 pm7:00 pmJazz 18-11MeganYes
Friday7:00 pm8:00 pmPre-Performing Group - Jazz 1+ (Ballet Required)8-11MeganYes
Saturday9:00 am10:00 amCreative Movement3-5KellyYes
Saturday9:00 am10:00 amBallet 2 (Opens in September) 12+ChloeYes
Saturday10:00 am11:00 amBallet 15-8ChloeYes
Saturday10:00 am11:00 amJazz 3-412+KellyNR
Please call to confirm space availability.
Students will be placed in the appropriate class level by the teacher.
Competition classes available for all ages and levels, please call for more information.
*Classes listed as recital classes may change to Non Recital classes due to enrollment levels. If your class changes, we will work with you to find an appropriate schedule that fits your child's needs.

NR = Non-Recital Class

Welcome to Onstage!

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