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Welcome to On Stage Dance Studio, the place
where you can show your passion for dance.

Our amazing dance
classes we have for you

Our faculty is fully committed to your development
and training.

We believe that dance is
essential to every child’s development

Our goal is to provide quality training and
education in the art of dance for every
child who walks through our doors.

Meeting Our amazing
Dance Teachers

This studio has produced
many talented students who have gone on

To attend OCSHA School of Performing Arts, performed
on nationally ranked high school dance teams, performed
on college dance teams, have participated in pageants

Everyone is so nice. The teachers are very talented and we are so apprecitive of being part of that family.

Donna Bonelli Nevo

We love ODC & all the teachers are amazing!!! Looking forward to Kaylas 1st competition in a few weeks!!!! Go Dazzle Stars

Patti Aguirre

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